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This is the standard role when creating a new account. An applicant is able to file transfer requests and to track its status. He can see only his own transfer requests.


The management is the key role in processing the request. He performs the first checks, dispatches the request to the biobank and the ethics commission, and coordinates questions between all other roles.


The ethics commission is involved in every transfer request and required to release it in terms of ethical regards.

Biobank Popgen

The biobank popgen will check, if the request can be fulfilled and will, when released by UAC successfully, provide data and/or biomaterial.

Head of UAC

The head of UAC needs to release the transfer request, before any data and/or biomaterial can be provided.


A standard workflow requesting data and biomaterial from the biobank popgen looks like follows:

  participant Applicant
  participant Management
  participant Biobank
  participant Ethics
  participant Head of UAC

  activate Applicant
  Applicant->>Applicant: 1. File new request
  Applicant->>Applicant: 2. Finalize & Validity Check
  Applicant->>Management: 3. Sign and Upload PDF
  deactivate Applicant
  activate Management

  opt Return to Applicant
    Management->>Applicant: 4. Return
    deactivate Management
    activate Applicant
    Applicant->>Management: 5. Resubmit
    deactivate Applicant
    activate Management

  Management->>Biobank: 6. Complete? Then management-release
  activate Biobank

  Biobank->>Management: 7. biobank-release
  deactivate Biobank

  Management->>Ethics: 8. Mail to ethics
  activate Ethics
  Ethics->>Management: 9. Approval
  deactivate Ethics

  Management->>Head of UAC: 10. Request
  deactivate Management
  activate Head of UAC
  Head of UAC->>Biobank: 11. Finally approve
  deactivate Head of UAC

  activate Biobank
  Biobank->>Applicant: 12. Ship biomaterial
  deactivate Biobank
  Applicant->>Biobank: 13. Analysis results
  activate Biobank
  Biobank->>Applicant: 14. Results + Data
  deactivate Biobank
  1. The applicant files a new request. It starts in draft state, in which it is only visible to the applicant and can be edited and saved freely.
  2. When the request is ready for submission, the applicant clicks "Finalize". At this point, several validations are performed and the applicant is alerted, if any fields are not filled sufficiently. Until all validations pass, the applicant can edit his request and then click "Finalize" again.
  3. After successfully finalizing the request, the request goes to state "signable". The applicant is required to print out a condensed application form, sign it and upload the signed form in the portal. The upload is accepted only when the barcode of the application form can be read successfully. On success the request goes to state "signed" and will be processed by management. When experiencing any trouble on uploading the signed form, please contact us by mail.
  4. [Optional] The management is able to return the request to the applicant, when it requires a thorough revision to be accepted.
  5. [Optional] When the request is send back to the applicant, he has to revise it and the resubmit the request.
  6. Management will check the request and when satisfied, release it for further checks by the biobanks.
  7. The biobanks might approve the request. Alternatively, they contact management.
  8. Management will mail the request towards the ethics commission.
  9. The ethics commission might approve or reject the request.
  10. When all approvals from the previous steps are given, the request is automatically passed to the UAC (use and access committee).
  11. The head of UAC needs to release the request for sending out data and/or biomaterial.
  12. [Optional] The biobank will send the biomaterial to the applicant.
  13. [Optional] After analyzing the biomaterial, the applicant sends the results back for merging with supplement data.
  14. The biobank will merge the data and send an anonymized data file back to the applicant.


The following describes, which user role is able to see which content.

Index page

  • Applicant: Own transfer requests.
  • Management, Biobank, Ethics, Head of UAC: All transfer requests except draft state.


  • All users can read questions initiated by themselves. They can also answer to them.
  • Questions can usually be addressed towards management only. Management can send questions to every role.
  • Questions addressed towards the applicant role are addressed only to the applicant itself. Questions towards any other role can be read and answered by any member.

This means that management needs to coordinate and relay all questions and answers.


  • Applicant: Only date and titles, but not the user name and not the description.
  • All other roles: everything.

Thus, internal remarks can be put in the description field.


  • Applicant: Only attachments created by himself.
  • All other roles: everything.


  • Applicant: Not allowed.
  • All other roles: everything.


Mail to ethics

The mail to ethics feature will send an email to all users with the ethics role. Attachments are

  • the full transfer request as pdf,
  • all attachments with type "applicant form" (i.e. uploaded applicant forms with correct barcode),
  • all attachments with type "ethics vote" (i.e. marked by the user to be of that type during upload).

Management is able to modify the attachment types beforehand.

Email Notifications

The notifications sent by the portal can be found here.